About this Recipe

We love to barbecue our burgers over charcoal but they are also wonderful grilled or oven cooked.

Servings: Allow 1/4 lb (around 120g) beef per burger


Minced beef

Rosemary (fresh/dried)

Fresh Chives (optional)

Salt & Pepper


Place the minced beef in a large bowl season with salt and pepper, sprinkle with a little rosemary and finely chopped chives if you have some, mix well.

Using your hands shape into burgers.

Cook using your preferred method and serve with your favourite accompaniments!

Fancy a change? We think the taste of our Beltie mince is so fantastic that you don’t need lots of flavours but if you fancy a change, use your blender attachment (usually used for grinding nuts etc.) and whizz up the following:

1 red onion

1 garlic clove

1 teaspoon English mustard

Chilli powder to taste

A glug of oil (just enough liquid to enable the onion to whizz down and no more!)

Add this to the Beltie mince, shape into burgers and allow the flavours to develop before cooking (a few hours/overnight).

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