About this Recipe

“Best steak we have ever tasted, so tender, wonderful”

“The fillet steak melted in the mouth. And beautiful flavour as well, stunning.”

“Friday night steak courtesy of Bryn Belted Galloway Beef! Delicious”

“OMG. Best steak. Sublime”

“Excellent sirloin steak. Thank you.”

Just some of the customer comments we have received about our Beltie steaks!

Here are our recommendations for cooking…


Steak cuts of your choice

Beef dripping or butter

Salt & freshly ground black pepper


Defrost in the fridge overnight (never in the microwave!)

Allow the steak to stand and get to room temperature before cooking.

We love to cook our steaks over charcoal on the BBQ.


Heat a heavy bottomed frying pan over a high heat, add some beef dripping or butter.

Place your steak in the pan and sizzle for 1 minute, turn it over and season the cooked side, after 1 minute turn the steak over season again if you like, reduce heat and cook to taste.

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