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This warming beef pie is simple to make and is great served with seasonal British vegetables.

Serves: 6


800g Diced Beef

Salt & Pepper

Rosemary & Thyme

2 tblsp Flour

Veg Oil

3 Leeks


1 pint Beef Stock

1 tblsp Worcestershire Sauce

500g Pastry

1 Free Range Egg to glaze





Pre heat the oven to 150°C (300°F/Gas 3)

Dice the beef into bite size pieces.

Season the flour with salt & pepper.

Chop the rosemary & thyme and add to the flour.

Roll each piece of beef in the seasoned flour.

Heat the oil in an ovenproof heavy based pan over a high heat and brown the beef.

Finley chop the leeks, once the beef is browned on all sides add the leeks to the pan and cook for a minute while you make the stock.

Pour the stock into the pan and bring to the boil, stir well to get all the tasty bits off the bottom.

Slice the mushrooms and add to the pan.

Place the lid on and put in the oven on a low heat for about 2-3 hours or turn the heat down and simmer gently on the hob for 2-3 hours.

You can use ready made puff or shortcrust pastry.

I usually use this shortcrust pastry recipe I was given by my Canadian auntie. I find it makes more than enough for 2 big pies, I usually divide the dough up into portion sizes and freeze what I don’t need. I often make extra pie filling and freeze that as well for a quick homemade meal when too busy to cook from scratch.

5 1/2 cups Plain Flour

2 tsp Salt

1/2 lb Lard

1/2 lb Butter

1 tbsp Vinegar

1 Egg     (lightly beaten)

Cold Water

Mix the Flour and salt together, rub in the lard and butter until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs.

In a 1 cup measure combine the vinegar and egg, add water to make 3/4 of a cup.

Pour into the flour mixture and stir gently, the dough should start to cling together (if it doesn’t you can add a bit more water).

Gather the dough into a ball and divide into portion sizes you need. (freeze what you don’t need now)

Roll out onto a floured surface.

Once the pie filling is cooked and the meat is tender pour into a warmed pie dish.

Turn the oven up to 200°C (392°F/Gas 6).

Cover the pie dish with pastry squeezing it down around the edges with a fork, you can use any spare bits of pastry to decorate the top of your pie.

Make a couple of breather holes in the middle of the pastry and brush with a free range beaten egg.

Place in the oven and cook for about 30 minutes until the pastry is golden and the filling is bubbling.

Serve with seasonal British vegetables.

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